Living Your Dreams, Starts With This..

There is a student sitting in his dorm room at University of British Columbia. If someone was to walk in, it would seem as if nobody was there. But over in the corner, there's a boy laying, staring face up at the ceiling. He's been like that for over an hour. Trying to figure out what he really wants to do with life. This goes on, day after day until he realized something profound.

The boy realized, that in life you have two options. You can do your own thing and stand out. Or you can do what you're "supposed' to do and fit in. These social norms that we follow, were created by other human beings. If living life to the fullest, on his own terms meant breaking away from that, he knew that's what he had to do - Yet, there were so many forces pulling him the opposite way. His mind raced back and forth between the things that made him happy and the things he 'should' do. Feeling sick to his stomach and dreaming of the world, laying in the small dorm room where the story starts, he made a choice. This was it. And at that moment, he became a nomad. Throwing stability out the door, he dropped out of university and began to work on himself. 

The first while, he spent finding himself.. Which became his path to becoming a lifestyle, and travel photographer. What started out as one trip, turned into multiple. With a phone in hand, snapping pictures of all his adventures, he seemed to have an eye for angles, editing and capturing the beauty of moments. The next step was purchasing the gear, turning to Google and YouTube for tutorials on how to use it all. As he figured out how to use a DSLR camera his work became more crisp. To this day, he lives, travels and experiences.  

Life can be challenging. There is a constant epsom flow of highs and lows. Everyone has different experiences and different sets of values to live by. Depending on how these personal values and what is important to one's life differ, they will play a large role in how life turns out. The only person who can truly determine what's best, in any situation, is the person going through the experience. Whatever your passion is, whether it is to be a professional athlete, a geologist or a travel blogger. Give it the chance it deserves. After all, we only get one shot at life. 

To all the nomads, doing things a little different and to all the people finding their way, laying in a dorm room, looking for adventure, keep doing you. 


“To live will be an awfully big adventure.”

- J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)
Northern Layer

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