How Corporate Apparel Increases Brand Awareness

Marketing can be a difficult road to travel. And when business resources aren't available to have internal marketing strategies developed and taken to market, hiring a marketing agency can be costly. 

Whether a business hires an agency or tries to effectively run a campaign internally, there are many types of different marketing roadmaps to follow. The tactics used in a marketing campaign are derived and created from what kind of a return a company is looking for. A few examples of marketing outcomes are: brand awareness, engagement, new revenue and retention. 

As mentioned earlier, this can be a costly and/or time consuming process. Depending on the lifecycle and health of a business, the budget for marketing may not be high; yet, all businesses need marketing, exposure and brand awareness. 

Which brings us back to the topic of this post: How Corporate Apparel Can Increase Brand Awareness

A simple and effective way to increase brand awareness, brand image and loyalty is to use corporate apparel. Custom corporate apparel can do much more than just make employees look good.

  1. Custom corporate apparel can create or supplement a brand's identity.

Placing a logo on a set of jackets, t-shirts, polo's or sweaters allows companies to take their branding one step further.

For example, an industrial coffee shop can place their logo on black t-shirts to add to the experience and atmosphere of the coffee bar. 

  1. Custom corporate apparel can increase employee moral.

Employees are proud of the work they complete. Allowing them the option to either purchase company apparel or provide apparel can lead to a happier workplace and increased productivity. 

  1. Custom corporate apparel can increase brand and business awareness. 

Brand awareness can increase exponentially through apparel. Rough estimates show the average male in North America have a minimum of 10 promotional ball caps in their closet. This helps show the value of apparel. Whether it's a shirt, jacket or hat, it can be seen all over the place. People who wear the apparel turn into walking billboard for the companies who provide it for them. 

For example, a construction company can add their logo to uniform safety wear to increase employee visibility as well as the business's visibility. When cars are stopped or slowed to a crawl, passengers can spot the logo on the employee's safety gear. 


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