5 Winter Jackets For Sports Teams

Teams give people a feeling of community, togetherness and pride. Add in some great looking apparel and people can share their sense of passion with others. Apparel has the ability to bring people together and be united as one. An organization can use apparel to start creating a team brand. This enables people to show support by wearing the same team colours. Professional sports teams show a perfect example of this. The best part about creating a brand is that any team can do it.

Here are the 5 winter jackets every team should have.

1. Stormtech Endurance Thermal Shell (ESH-1 & ESH-1W) MSRP $80.00


Men's Endurance Thermal Shell
Women's Endurance Thermal Shell
2. Stormtech Lexington Bonded Overcoat (LXB-1 & LXB-1W) MSRP $200.00
Men's Lexington Bonded Overcoat
Women;s Lexington Bonded Overcoat


3. Stormtech Explorer Shell (EXS-1 & EXS-1W) MSRP $150.00

Men's Explorer Shell
Women's Explorer Shell


4. Stormtech Optic Lightweight Shell (LWS-2 & LWS-2W) MSRP $125.00


Men's Optic Lightweight Shell
Women's Optic Lightweight Shell
5. Stormtech Axis Thermal Shell (GSX-2 & GSX-2W) MSRP $110.00

 Men's Axis Thermal Shell
Women's Axis Thermal Shell
Bonus: Stormtech Warrior Club Jacket (WCJ-1 & WCJ-1W) MSRP $220.00
 Men's Warrior Club Jacket
Women's Warrior Club Jacket
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10 Places to Explore in Canada During 2017

Canada has a wide range of natural beauty. The vast country offers a diverse landscape full of history and jaw dropping experiences. Being the second largest country in the world (9.985M Square/KM), it can be tough to choose the best areas to explore.

Before we get into our recommendations for the 10 best places to discover in 2017, follow these tips when planning your trip:  

Plan ahead: Offering 47 national parks, 171 historic sites and 4 national marine conservation areas, your head may start to spin if you leave it to the last minute. Book campsites, hotels and tours early to ensure you don’t miss out.

Get to new places: There are many popular parks, trails and lookouts. Try getting off the grid and exploring a place less ventured.

Travel during shoulder seasons: Spring and fall are easy times to find accommodation – Not to mention, they are amazing seasons. Enjoy fascinating colours or watch life sprout and grow in front of your eyes.

Pack the right clothing: We all know proper clothing will make certain activities more enjoyable. Ensuring you have the right gear for every weather scenario will make your trip one to remember. Need to purchase some gear? Shop Northern Layer. 

Mid-week travel: Get out from the weekend rush and try a relaxing mid-week adventure.

Get up early: Once you’ve settled in, get up early to start your days. The lighting makes for Instagram worthy photos and if you’re a bird lover – this is when they are most active. If you don’t get up, they may even wake you up.

Guided tours: Sometimes it can be hard to justify guided tours if you can do it yourself. Canada has so much history and exploring the country while learning how everything came to be, can open your eyes to appreciate what the country offers.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of the planning process, let’s get into the top 10 places to explore in 2017.

Nahanni National Park: Located in the Dehcho region of the Northwest Territories, the central point of this park is the Nahanni River. Offering an adventurous wilderness experience, be sure to higher a guide to take you through the rapids, canyons, sulphur hot springs and alpine tundra.

Mount Robson Provincial Park: Located in the Canadian Rockies, neighbouring Jasper National Park this is one of BC’s hidden gems. This park is guarded by Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

Torngat Mountains National Park: Located on the Labrador Peninsula at the northern tip of Newfoundland &and Labrador. The word Torngait, means “Place of Spirits” in the Inuktitut language. Home to the Inuit for thousands of years, the park has spectacular mountains filled with wilderness. Everything from Polar Bears to Seals, this park is sure to provide a one of a kind adventure.

Banff National Park: Located in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park was Canada’s first National Park and the worlds third. 6,641 Sq./KM of mountains, valleys, glaciers, lakes and trails, it’s known as a premier destination spot around the world.

Jasper National Park: Located in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Jasper National Park is the largest park in the Canadian Rockies. It holds pristine, untouched wilderness and hosts the world’s second largest dark sky preserve. Ride or hike the trails in the summer and pull out your skis or board for the winter months.

Kluane National Park: Located in the SW Yukon, this park is home to Canada’s highest peak, Mount Logan (5,959 Meters) and largest ice field. A diverse grizzly bear population calls this area home, so if you decide on Kluane National Park, remember to bring your bear spray.

Auyuittuq National Park: Located on Baffin Island in the Cumberland Peninsula and Qikiqtaaluk region in Nunavut. This park covers 19,089 Sq./KM of jagged mountain peaks and sparkling glaciers overlook tundra valleys and fjords. A true arctic experience.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park: Located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia the Cape Breton Highlands National Park boasts an enchanting coast. From mountains to marine life, lush forests cover the area with river canyons and an abundance of wildlife

Gros Morne National Park: Located on the west coast of Newfoundland, it boasts the title of being the second largest park in Atlantic Canada. Fjords and rolling mountains tower above an amazing panoramic view of cliffs, beaches and forest. Exploring the Western Brook Pond is a must!

Ivvavik National Park: Located in the Northern part of the Yukon, you’ll need a bush plane to discover one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Explore the culture, breathtaking mountains and wilderness the remote area has to offer. Don’t forget about the summers, midnight sun, where daylight is almost 24 hours a day.

Did you enjoy the article or find it helpful? Comment and let us know your favourite parks or your thoughts of the top 10 parks to explore in 2017.


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Camping In Canada's National Parks

oTENTik by Parks Canada​. You're probably wondering what that even means. Picture a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin. This type of accommodation is the perfect way for families, friends and couples of all ages to discover the joys of camping without all the fuss. 

What should I bring? You need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow and cooking equipment. Plan ahead by bringing warm clothes and extra gear in case the unexpected happens.

Where are the oTENTik tents located? oTENTik tents are available to use in the following national parks across Canada:

  • Gros Morne National Park​
  • Terra Nova National Park​
  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park​
  • Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site​
  • Prince Edward Island National Park​
  • Fundy National Park​
  • Parc national de la Mauricie, Parcs Canada​
  • Forillon National Park, Parks Canada​
  • Réserve de parc national de l'Archipel-de-Mingan​
  • Thousand Islands National Park​
  • Georgian Bay Islands National Park​
  • Rideau Canal​ National Historic Site of Canada
  • Trent-Severn Waterway​ National Historic Site of Canada
  • Riding Mountain National Park​
  • Grasslands National Park​
  • Prince Albert National Park​
  • Banff National Park​
  • Jasper National Park​
  • Kootenay National Park​
  • Fort Langley National Historic Site​
  • Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites​
  • Kouchibouguac National Park​


Travel through Canada and explore the great parks across the nation. Find out more and reserve your oTENTik spot from Parks Canada !

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The 5 Best Stormtech Jackets Under $150 in Canada

Stormtech Performance Apparel is a great source of personal, team or corporate apparel. Founded in 1977, Stormtech has a rich history in providing quality products. We've narrowed down the top five Stormtech Jackets under $150 on sale in Canada. 


Stormtech Explorer Shell, EXS-1 (Men's / Women's)BLACK / ELECTRIC BLUE 3/4 $150.00

Stormtech Explorer Shell, EXS-1

The Stormtech ESX-1 Jacket has a durable water-resistant shell which delivers effective waterproofing. It also features a breathable mesh lining, internal stormflap to lock out col drafts and high rib-knit collar and sleeves for a little extra comfort. 



Stormtech Edge Softshell, BHS-2 (Men's / Women's) $140.00

Stormtech Edge Softshell, BHS-2

The Stormtech BHS-3 Softshell Jacket is bonded with H2Xtreme material which offers a premium level of waterproof and breathable performance. This technology is utilized for maximum warmth in cool or wet conditions. 


Stormtech Ellipse Softshell, HSL-2 (Men's / Women's) $150.00

Stormtech Ellipse Softshell, HSL-2

The Stormtech HSL-2 Softshell Jacket is a lightweight bonded softshell with pinstripe-embossed finish and four-way stretch fabric. The outer shell is treated with DuPont Teflon for long lasting wind and water repellent. A full length interior storm flap with chin guards keeps vitals warm and dry during cold weather. 


Stormtech Ultra-Light Shell, BXL-3 (Men's / Women's) $140.00

Stormtech Ultra-Light Shell, BXL-3

The Stormtech BXL-3 Shell was engineered to keep people dry, despite any change in weather. This ultra-light, two-layer bonded H2X stretch fabric offers an internal mesh liner for added warmth. The lightweight materials allow for unrestricted movement in any direction. 


Stormtech Neutrino Shell, NS-1 (Men's / Women's) $150.00

Stormtech Neutrino Shell, NS-1

The Stormtech NS-1 Shell is a featherlight outer shell which features high performance H2Xtreme fabric with fully-taped seams, an external media port and a waterproof TPU-Coated backing for soft non-stick comfort against the skin. The Neutrino Shell is a premium jacket when it comes to lightweight performance. 


Stormtech Basecamp Thermal Jacket & Vest (Men's Jacket / Women's Jacket) $130.00 (Men's Vest / Women's Vest) $110.00

Stormtech Basecamp Thermal Jacket

The Stormtech PFV-4

The Stormtech PJF-4 and PFV-4 were constructed with ultralight thermal poly-fill and high density water repellent to provide enhanced thermal properties. The sleek profile can be seen on the jacket and vest, providing maximum protection from the elements. 



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Living Your Dreams, Starts With This..

There is a student sitting in his dorm room at University of British Columbia. If someone was to walk in, it would seem as if nobody was there. But over in the corner, there's a boy laying, staring face up at the ceiling. He's been like that for over an hour. Trying to figure out what he really wants to do with life. This goes on, day after day until he realized something profound.

The boy realized, that in life you have two options. You can do your own thing and stand out. Or you can do what you're "supposed' to do and fit in. These social norms that we follow, were created by other human beings. If living life to the fullest, on his own terms meant breaking away from that, he knew that's what he had to do - Yet, there were so many forces pulling him the opposite way. His mind raced back and forth between the things that made him happy and the things he 'should' do. Feeling sick to his stomach and dreaming of the world, laying in the small dorm room where the story starts, he made a choice. This was it. And at that moment, he became a nomad. Throwing stability out the door, he dropped out of university and began to work on himself. 

The first while, he spent finding himself.. Which became his path to becoming a lifestyle, and travel photographer. What started out as one trip, turned into multiple. With a phone in hand, snapping pictures of all his adventures, he seemed to have an eye for angles, editing and capturing the beauty of moments. The next step was purchasing the gear, turning to Google and YouTube for tutorials on how to use it all. As he figured out how to use a DSLR camera his work became more crisp. To this day, he lives, travels and experiences.  

Life can be challenging. There is a constant epsom flow of highs and lows. Everyone has different experiences and different sets of values to live by. Depending on how these personal values and what is important to one's life differ, they will play a large role in how life turns out. The only person who can truly determine what's best, in any situation, is the person going through the experience. Whatever your passion is, whether it is to be a professional athlete, a geologist or a travel blogger. Give it the chance it deserves. After all, we only get one shot at life. 

To all the nomads, doing things a little different and to all the people finding their way, laying in a dorm room, looking for adventure, keep doing you. 


“To live will be an awfully big adventure.”

- J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)
Northern Layer
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